Up just after 5am

I got up early, just after 5 am , after having been awake for a while so fucking angry at things. I’m still fuming. Really fuming. Several things have gotten on top of me last night and yesterday. One which has really wound me up is a phone call with a customer saying they thought my bill for a priced job should be reduced. Very ducking stupidly I agreed to reduce it. The job was priced and agreed. It actually took longer because of fart arsing about on their behalf and also because they didn’t turn up to unlock a building which they said they would. Also I had to get an extra piece of oak made because someone had repaired something wrongly. I’m still yet to write out the revised bill because if I do it now I will write down how it’s taken longer and how they put me to extra expense only to have the cheek to ask me to reduce it because they feel it didn’t require as much concrete. I’m also fit to tell them not to ask me to do any other work because I have customers who will pay their bill in full and pay for the additions to their works. I know it sounds childish but I’m so angry. I’m angry at myself for agreeing to take money off my bill too. I feel feeble minded and weak. People piss me off.   I’m also angry at my wife and how she acted towards our daughter last night. She drank too much and got far too aggressive. My daughter had only been in the shower maybe 2-3 minutes when my wife started on her.  I’m going to tell her I don’t want her drinking while the kids are up because she can’t handle drink. She had drank a bottle of wine before 8pm. She couldn’t even remember washing our sons hair before kicking off with our daughter. It’s not on and it was totally uncalled for. Totally. 

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