The mind, is it all in the mind

I’m questioning lots of things again lately. Where is the mind? Where is it seated? Is it in the brain? I’ve read the heart has feelings too. Do we associate it with the brain because our eyes, ears, mouth and nose are senses that sit near our brain and give signals back there, thus we feel like we are in our heads, or maybe not depending on how we feel. At times I’m several feet above my body or head. In astral travel it’s said that we remain connected to our body through a thin cord that is like an umbilical and connects to our abdomen or belly button.

  Where  am I ?   Who am I?   Why am I?   What am I ?  When am I?  I don’t know. Last night I stood outside looking up at the stars. I’m insignificant to be honest yet I am an individual with my own thoughts and feelings. Or am I ?  Maybe I am really just a minor part of the whole. I’ve been here before. I’ve lived before. Maybe I am all that there truly is and I am just experiencing myself as a human for a while. A spec of minor life on a minor imaging any planet orbiting a minor star on the edge of the Galaxy. I know I am yet I don’t know I am at the same time. Maybe I’m a paradox. Maybe the paradox that’s me is a paradox too.

So I’ve realised I’m an important insignificance. If that’s possible. In my world everything is possible. I live in a world of Magic and mystery with some mayhem.    

I’m back  working out. Back being cool. Im always cool I guess, but I’m back feeling cool. Life is good and I have to count my blessings for they are many. 

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