Welll yet again ive been slack at writing in here. I’m pretty high at the minute but not as hind as I have been the last few days. Well let’s go back a few days to Saturday night…..( sifting through the mists of time…..using warp drive to go faster than the speed of light…..back…back we go….)…..ok so Saturday night I drank a good amount of alcohol. I was doing stuff somewhere in the garden or house or something, I can’t rememeber. I’d been up until about 2 am Saturday morning and anyway I was doing stuff. Can’t remember. So it got to be after 11 so I put the boiler on to take a shower, I ended up in floods of tears in the shower, messaged my step daughters some emotional stuff blah blah blah, felt like I wanted to die, got out of the bathroom feeling a tiny bit better but then came down stairs and did something I’ve not done before or for a long while if I ever did.  I got out. Craft knife and tried to cut my arm open. It was blunt. So I shoved it in as deep as I could and pulled……a scratch….a fucking scratch.  It hardly did anything so I gave up. I thougt oh well fuck it and went to bed but couldn’t sleep so I sat on Facebook talking bollocks until about 4 am when I listened to the dawn chorus. Then I slept until nearly 7:15. Cool.     As the day went on I did a few other things that I can’t remember too much before going to my dads house and emptying the final few things out.  Dah nah all finished. All empty. Sorted. Time to move on. So Sunday nigt I drank what drink I’d not had on the Saturday night. And so ends this merry little tale or fable or whatever it is. Oh yes I’ve been flat out busy since then and got shit loads done. Sorted. 

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