Yesterday was a very busy day. Lots got done. I feel like I can’t keep up with all that I’ve got going at the minute. It’s not a bad kind of not keeping up. It’s a level kind. I struggle with writing in here everyday at the minute and I feel like it’s just another thing I’ve let go in my life. I get very involved in things with my enthusiasm and then boom it’s it’s gone. Not always gone but it hides away. I don’t know what to say about it all really. It’s like every year is a cycle of doing things in a similar way or similar pattern. I try to break that pattern and come ever more aware of it too but yet somehow it catches me out and creeps up on me. I guess at least I’m aware of it and I don’t beat myself up over it’s much anymore. The one thing I do wonder about though is how far could I take something if I didn’t get either bored of it or if I had some way of keeping it going and pushing forwards with it.  Maybe I’ll get to old age and look back and realise that all of the important things I have stuck too and it’s the fleeting things that come and go or come back again.  I know that I do try my hardest with keeping on a good level. I’ve realised I’ve not read up about adult Asperger’s syndrome yet because I scored very highly on the autism/Aspergers scale. Maybe there are answers thee too. 

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