It’s Monday which feels like Sunday.

Its bank holiday Monday. It’s been a lazy and yet good busy weekend. On Saturday I did some things in the garden and then took my children off blackberry picking. I stewed some of our cooking apples for dessert with the blackberries. We’ve frozen some too for over the winter. There’s lots more cooking apples and blackberries to pick yet. Our cooking apples are still ripening. I’m feeling reasonably ok but had a blip in the week. I’ve been taking a magnesium supplement.  I’ve forgotten the last few days. I wonder if it’s helped me to pick my moods up a bit or if it was responsible for my blip. I know I need to start motivating myself more again. To move forwards with my life. Talking of which I’ve taken myself off a bipolar group on Facebook and have joined an off grid and smallholding group on Facebook.          

Yesterday I cleared an area in the garden that I had been doing on Saturday and I built a trellis from long branches. It’s very rustic but looks amazing and I had everything in the garden that I needed. It’s great using what you have and trying to save money and the environment. I love it. I’m loving growing our own food too. Really love it.  I’m going to cook some more fallen cooking apples shortly to eat later or to freeze. Great stuff. I spent nearly £50 on heirloom and heritage seeds the other day too so in theory I have enough seeds for life now apart from some different varieties I might want to grow because I can harvest seeds from the things I will be planting. They should be tastier varieties too which will be lovely. All is pretty good. I’m going to look to take on extra work too because I feel a good bit mentally stronger and plus the extra money will help us save towards land too.  Life is ok and I can’t complain. 

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