A battle of a day or few days

Today has been a struggle.  I finished work at lunchtime and came home and went to bed. I started late too. I felt the black dog creeping up on me so hopefully I’ll nip it in the bud.  For the last 1-2 weeks I’ve felt a bit shit almost every other day. Today was the day for feeling shit. I have had a slight knock with a couple of things but nothing too bad really it’s just with not being 100% and worn out its made me dig deep.  A couple of jobs have overran slightly but that’s ok and a couple of them are yet to be finished as there’s additional work there now so I can’t bill for them yet.  I’m fighting my way out of debt and the odd afternoon off is actually helping me keep pretty level and also not get too tired out.   Even last year I’d of pushed myself to exhaustion.

  A couple of nights ago I dared to have 2 bottles of alcoholic drink, 1 cider and 1 ginger ale.  I think it didn’t help my feeling shitty.  The stupid thing is I allowed myself those 2 drinks for doing so well with my mental health.  I know that it can affect me this way but I thought by being level it might not hurt to try a couple.  Obviously my body can take it without hangover but my mind can’t.  It sucks that’s for sure.  

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