Space and time

What is time really?  We say we’re in 2017 but we don’t know exactly where we are. We say it’s 11th September but that’s only a date created by man. Yes the earth rotates around the sun in about 365 1/4 days but other than that we can say exactly. Dates and religion go hand in hand really. Also astrology/astronomy named the days after the classical heavenly bodies. Hmm.    

  So I’m reading about zero point energy and FTL and it’s pretty intriguing. It’s sounding like the speed of light isn’t the absolute speed limit that we thought it was.  I’m also reading and pondering on space vehicles that could override gravity and travel at phenomenal speeds. Here’s some musings I had earlier and they’re possibly crazy:

 Is Anti gravity is in the world or realm of anti matter? Can anti magnetism work too or opposing magnets? Would or could they work as a propulsion? If there is a way to gather or harvest the universes residual atomic energy can we use it in a space vehicle? Can we make the vehicle out of a material that ‘absorbs’ the energy and then transfer it into propulsion. Can this also then use and protect the vehicle from the Van Allen radiation belts that surround earth? If so can the vehicle be used to travel at FTL velocity by warping space? Could this be a way to help create an Alcubierre drive?    

Who knows where my mind is at but I feel good and I’m resting well. Business is good and things in life are good. I write the above in my notes on my phone and will ponder more about it and possibly add more.  

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