Loving life

I’ve not much to say. I’m still level other than a few blips but that will always be the case.  I’m working hard and clearing debts. I’ve got good focus again and drive.  Kara has been Co corned that I’m going high but I’ve hopefully reassured her that I’m not and that it’s just good feelings and energy flowing.  I’m going to bed at a very sensible time each night and wake up at a sensible time too. I’m focused on work and my business.  I’m loving life again.  I have some plans too! I’m still not on Facebook and for now have no intention of going back.  I’m sure I might at some point though. I’m not online very much other than some YouTube sometimes.  I’m reading lots and meditating again.  I’m making lists of things that need doing with work, home, food growing and other things.  It’s all a huge help in keeping focus. 

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