A late night, broken sleep and mood

Last Wednesday I was late to bed as I had my first band practice/audition.  I played for close to 3 hours and it went well but it meant I was later to bed and that coupled with excitement made me more tired than usual.   I still got up as usual on the Thursday.  

Friday night I went to bed reasonably early to nip tiredness in the bud but I had a slight pain in my right side.  I fell sleep easily enough, as usual, but Rhiannon came in and woke me by jumping on the bed a bit.  I’ve no idea what was going on.  Anyway about 11:45 I woke up with pain in my side. Not an ache but biliary colic again.  It wasn’t severe like before and I think it was caused by being tired, working lots lately and not drinking enough from the Wednesday onwards.   I came down and lay on the sofa after lots of shuffling around in bed.   I eventually dozed off and woke again about 2am and went back to bed. I still got up as usual around 6 am and went to work.      

The rest of Saturday I was very grouchy and snappy.  I knew I had to get some rest as I could see where it could head to fast if I didn’t and there’s no way I wanted to get to that state or place in my head and mental health.   So yesterday I slept until 7:30am and had a slightly relaxed day.  I still got lots done but this morning, after another good nights sleep, I feel rested and ready for my day ahead.  

 I’m going to work until Thursday evening at the latest this week.  Then take time off before and after Christmas.   Over Christmas I’m going to keep to my routine of getting up early otherwise it makes it harder in January mentally and also it throws so much of normality out for me.   While off I’m going to get a few things done at home, at the field and at the allotments to keep myself focused.  I’m also going to go through my goals for each week, month, year and years ahead and fine tune them a little more.  

One goal I had for the end of this year was to get my business out of its overdraft, it had been in it for the last 3 years.  I was £9938 into a £10k overdraft on 4th September this year and having only £60 available scared me, BUT it gave me huge focus and incentive to do it. About a month later I did it. I got out of the overdraft.   So I changed my goal. I decided I wanted £8k in the business before December 31st. About a month ago I had almost £7k in the business in the black not the red and changed my goal to £10k in there instead.  It’s down to just over £3k at the minute but with some money that’s owed, some bills I have just sent out and a bill I can make out in a day or two I have a ‘theoretical’ balance of about £11k!  A huge chunk of it will be for materials, VAT (which goes out mid February) , the plumber and the electrician but of pretty much done it!  Amazing but it’s given me even more drive to get more goals ticked off like clearing my personal credit card (which I’ve switched to a 0% interest card on balance transfers), to get out of my personal overdraft, to look to get a loan paid off and then to get a lot of money together to do some things with to increase my income.  

 I guess my point is that if one can get mentally well or ‘stable’ and use the energy, drive and passion they have to get focused on good goals they can turn things around.  I write out daily goals as well as bigger ones.  I even wrote out daily work goals and weekly work goals.  It’s a great feeling seeing them get ticked off.    

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