Feeling rubbish

I’ve got a virus. I feel really crap. It’s affecting my mind and I’m paranoid and playing out scenarios in my head about countless things. Death has sprung up in my thoughts. Death of friends and family.  My body aches. My head is clouded as is my mind.  I’m bunged up. I’m sure I’ve pissed people off as is often the case. I’m able to question the thoughts and my thinking process a bit and also a bit of the paranoia.  I’m hoping it’s just the virus as it’s coulding my thinking, my thoughts and my actions.  My ears are ringing and I had hot and cold sweats in bed last night.  I’m dazed.  I think some things I’ve said aren’t quite right but such is life. I’m constantly over analysing myself.  I’ll light a fire and do nothing shortly.  I’m having a drink tonight too.  Maybe I’ll drink to lost friends.  Life goes by so fast.    

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