Winter is coming

Autumn is here.  Winter is yet to come.  The day’s are so short. England is locked down until at least 2nd  December.  I think it’ll be longer even though it was announced today there’s a vaccine that’s 90% efficient.  There’s so much shit going on in the world. I think our lockdown will be extended.  There’s a push for The Great Reset.  There’s a push for Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.  I’ve known about both ‘Agendas’ for a long while.  Agenda 21 I knew about a few years back.  We are being pushed into a totalitarian world.  The UK is now a police state if you look up the definition of it. The police are going by government decisions and guidelines.  They’re doing the governments bidding.  People are living in fear.  They’re having fear pushed upon them by the government and mainstream media.  People are scared.  It’s wrong.  We have a rogue government in England. They’ve lied to the people knowingly and willingly.  They’ve falsified the numbers of infections and deaths. They’ve falsified their projected infections.  All of this knowingly.  It has to be brought to account.  We have to be aware of what’s really going on.  And yes I sound paranoid but no I’m not.  I’m actually well. It’s just there are nefarious plans in place and being acted out.  It’s really not good.  

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