Things in the night play tricks on the mind

I woke in the night only for my mind to start playing out paranoid scenarios. There followed a small battle inside of me telling myself how completely unfounded any of it was only for it to twist even more. Luckily I know things seem worse in the night and luckily I knew some techniques to stop it mostly so I could fall asleep again.  I used some techniques from a book called ‘How to live in the here and now’ by Paul Jones I believe.   Excellent CBT and NLP techniques in it.  I used them to great effect a couple of years ago. At the time I didn’t realise that they’d worked so well or that I’d taken them on board so deeply. I’m glad I did because they were there right when I needed them last night. 

I had some pretty strange dreams after falling asleep again. The most vivid involved having a military attack helicopter land outside a friends house only for the 2 pilots to come to the door with machine guns and get all of the males who were there to go on a mission with them. Various scenarios played out and we then landed on a small island to refuel. There was some kind of battle or war going on. Much like the one in my mind. Very intriguing I must say. Luckily I’m pretty good at remembering dreams. I guess my mind is a constant battlefield !

Ive been up since just before 5:30am and I’m feeling pretty ok now, I didn’t when I got up. Best I get on with the day ahead.

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