Feeling very good

I woke up this morning at 5:30am and just lay there until I got up at 6:10.  I checked emails, then went outside and did some Qigong and meditation even though it is a little frosty.

I`m feeling good. Very good. In fact I`m feeling very productive today and am rearing to go and crack on with the day ahead.  I do have a slight reservation though. I know that if something goes a little wrong I could either crash or I can pass it off quickly and move forwards. Both worry me slightly because if I crash from it I will feel setback, but if I pass it off I know I will feel much better and more confident and that my confidence and my ego too will inflate and could take me higher. I think I will try to keep the confidence going and the energy flowing because I need to get through some serious amounts of work to get money in.  I feel that I`m a little more in control now I don`t drink coffee or eat anything sugary as they would send me higher than a rocket and I used to use them as a crutch to elevate my work levels. Hopefully now when I get tired I know I`m getting tired and start to back off a little.  Little steps.  I want to do some punchbag work and skipping when I get home later so I can burn any excess energy off.

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