Family day out today

We are off out for a family day today. We’re going to a mediaeval spectacular event which is held every year. I’m going to keep a close eye on myself as there will be lots of people there and the children and myself slept in our tent last night so I’m not as rested as I could be and I’m not always at my best around people. Quite often I find people a little moronic but that’s just a personal opinion at times, usually I’m kind of live and let live it’s only occasionally   I’m more live and let die. 

My ears are ringing slightly this morning but other than feeling a little edgy I’m pretty ok and I did a leg workout yesterday which is always good but tiring. I guess my mood could go either way today so it’s best I keep a close check on it.  My wife has a key word that she can use if she thinks I’m bordering on going high. She hasn’t used it yet but in hindsight has wished she had a few times. Anyway I’ll keep as focused on being present as I can. We will buy lunch out too which is always nice but stressful with lots of people trying to get into the small restaurant there. Lots of challenges I guess. 

I briefly chatted with a friend via text yesterday about mental health and he is seeing someone about some things he has going on. I take my hat off to him because it’s a good step to take realising that help might be needed. I know it will be ok for him because it’s just the right time for him. Another friend won’t talk about mental health issues but that’s his choice and I’ve had to cut him loose for a while after a very aggressive message left by him on my voicemail. It’s never an easy thing to decide about. I had to think do I try to keep helping him or do I help myself first and steer clear. I’ve decided my health is more important especially for my family. I hope he is ok though. 

I’m looking forwards to going out shortly and I’m going to meditate before we go and go with a relaxed mindset. 

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