Saturday afternoon

I slept in the tent last night with my children and it almost went pear shaped. My daughter got a bit upset and angry, I was tired and ready to sleep, I almost snapped but I held it together and found a solution to her problem and from there on we all went to sleep. We slept a good while too. I woke at 4:30 to use the toilet and it was a beautiful clear sky absolutely full of beautiful stars. The last 2 times I slept out there I woke at 2:30 needing a pee and had a beautiful clear sky. Last night I stood there and took it all in for about 5 minutes. It was stunning just being there under the universe. 

We have had a day out today and I’ve felt pretty good but I’m a bit tired and will need a sleep soon, my wife is having a snooze as I type this. I always try to snooze if I’m tired now, in the past I would of thought that I was being very lazy. Not any more. If I’m tired and can catch a little sleep I might stave off a mood shift. I did sleep well last night considering it was in the tent. 

I bought 2 books from amazon the other day to help me and they arrived while we were out. I bought ‘overcoming anger and irritability’ and ‘overcoming mood swings’. I’ve just started to have a look at the mood swings book but couldn’t concentrate properly so I’ve put it down for now. I’m looking forwards to learning more CBT techniques but I’m also aware that I’m reading at least 4 other books already! Two are old magical books or grimoires, one of which is over a thousand years old and the other is at least 600 years old. They’re ‘the picatrix’ and ‘the sacred magic of Abra Melin the Mage ‘. The other books are ‘the golden thread of time ‘ and a book on kindle about living with fibromyalgia, which my wife has, so that I can try to understand and help her a little. 

I’m finding it hard to read just now so I out the book down but I fear it could be a change in my mood so I’ll nap shortly just to keep on top of things. 

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