Monday morning gmt

It’s Monday morning and we are back to GMT. The mornings are a little lighter right now and this morning my wife’s alarm went off at quarter to six not quater to seven because she hadn’t changed the time on her phone. We are now headed for winter but it’s still mildly warm outside this morning. I’ve found that it’s after the winter solstice that the days get colder as they get longer.   My moods can fluctuate a bit in late January into February.  I’ve always said that the tax office plays a sick joke by making the end of January tax payment time and early February VAT payment time just after the jovialness of Christmas and its Bachinalian/saturnalia celebrations and feasts. Ah oh well the old ways continue.  

 I’ve realised that we, as a species are still infants coming out of the caves. We are like ants. We are souls inside human bodies but get lost often in the confusion of life and we’ve made it so complicated and so competitive that its actually a farce or certainly farcical. Still I can’t complain because there is real beauty in our world too. Lots of beauty. 

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