Circadian rythyms

I’m feeling really good and I’m putting lots of it down to keeping a regular cycle of sleep, work, eating and exercise. I can’t emphasise how much it’s helping me. I can see how it will benefit me when I drop off and nosedive. Having set patterns will hopefully help me notice any warning signs that crop up. Right now I’m feeling great!

Its ¬†good feeling this good. I’m looking to start working out properly again too, with weights. I used to body build and I think I could do with getting into a nice shape again and regain some strength too. I’m very conscious of not pushing too hard to start with. I’m learning lots and fast about not pushing manically with things. When I used to workout it was very full on. I need to keep a thrip on things this time.

It’s really nice having lighter nights too. I managed some free form strength training in the garden tonight along with some skipping too. It’s all good. I’ve not got any anxiety now either. Great. ¬†

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