Cabin fever

It’s still snowy here, we’ve had almost a week of bad weather, and it’s starting to get to me.  We’ve hardly been out. I’ve not worked a full week either.  I’d not want to be stuck on a space station that’s for sure.  Maybe it’s because I have a cold as well as the ground being frozen that I feel like this.  There’s very little I can do outside.  I’ve pottered about in the polytunnel but that’s about it.   I’ve had biliary colic a bit for the last 2 days as well.  I guess I ought to go back to the doctors again and see what they think. It was mentioned that if it flares up again I could get referred for surgery.  I’d rather avoid that but I’d also not want it to get a bit more serious.  

Goals have been slower lately.  I need to whip myself back into shape and crack on.  No point just lingering in life.  I need to push myself along.  I guess once the sun comes out again I’ll get an energy boost and get lifted.  I feel slow. Too slow.  I need energy again.  It’ll happen I’m sure.  Maybe I need more outside contact again.  I have no contact with friends really. I’m not sure I have close friends or special now.  Such is life.  Easy to loose contact.