I’m pretty shocked.  This blog has over 42,000 subscribers.  I’ve no idea how many are bots or real people.  I know I get a good amount of spam comments but I just delete those and the users who spam.

 Life’s good.  I’ve cleared some debts.  Work is busy. I’m mentally pretty ok now.  Such a strange time out in the word with so much strangeness going on.  Lots of corruption too. What a shitshow.  If you’re struggling just keep going.  Things do get better if you put the work in. Keep your head down and keep focused.  Write down daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and tick them off.  

The Force

Use the Force Luke.   I’m using the force again. Im very productive too.  I’m resting well, going to bed early, sleeping well and getting up early. My days are spot on and I’m not letting things stress me much.  Life is good.