Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day. A day we remember those who fought and died for our freedoms. Freedoms that have been draining away fir the last 20 months. More will go. People are sacked for refusing to take an injection they don’t want. The government are seriously coercing people within the NHS to take it now. They’re threatening over 65’s that if they don’t have subsequent  boosters they will be banned from public places. Tyranny is alive a d well here in the UK. Maybe it’s the early days of fascism, abd I don’t say that lightly. Brother is fighting with brother. Neighbour disagreeing with neighbour. Some vaxxed calling unvaxxed dirty. This isn’t going to go down a nice path. It’s actually all pretty nefarious. If you don’t see it you need to start taking notice. Jewish people are feeling more threatened than ever in the UK by people entering the country illegally. UK lifeboats are going out into the Channel picking up illegal immigrants, usually men in their 20’s, and aren’t available for rescuing broken down fishermen, along with border force. Things are getting fucking shitty. The UK is in a very very dodgy place right now.  It’s NOT going to get better any time soon either.  Get prepared because we have a rogue government being influenced and controlled by outside forces. Lots of 2, 3 and 4 letter organisations are taking over the west. They’re all interwoven like a spiders web. A venomous spider at that. Depopulation is one of the end goals along with total control of people and resources.  It’s well underway already. Time is running out. 

Time flys

It’ll soon be my birthday again. God time flys. Where has the last year gone? What has happened? What’s changed? So much to think about.