Circadian rythyms

I’m feeling really good and I’m putting lots of it down to keeping a regular cycle of sleep, work, eating and exercise. I can’t emphasise how much it’s helping me. I can see how it will benefit me when I drop off and nosedive. Having set patterns will hopefully help me notice any warning signs that crop up. Right now I’m feeling great!

Its  good feeling this good. I’m looking to start working out properly again too, with weights. I used to body build and I think I could do with getting into a nice shape again and regain some strength too. I’m very conscious of not pushing too hard to start with. I’m learning lots and fast about not pushing manically with things. When I used to workout it was very full on. I need to keep a thrip on things this time.

It’s really nice having lighter nights too. I managed some free form strength training in the garden tonight along with some skipping too. It’s all good. I’ve not got any anxiety now either. Great.  

Monday morning anxiety

I’m suffering from my usual Monday morning anxiety. I know I’ll be ok but that doesn’t help. I wonder if its because our clocks have changed to British summertime. I got up at 5:55 am and 2 days ago that would of been 4:55 am. Maybe I’m not fully awake yet, although I feel I am. Anyway I’m finding it hard to keep my mind clear. I’ll be ok, I always am. 

I’ve got lots of butterflies in my stomach. I think these anxieties are always related to money more than work. Money rules everything in life and I’m always chasing it! I’ve tried living day by day but there’s a bigger picture to think about too. I’ve tried to not think too much too, but that’s not easy either!

Feeling good

I’m feeling pretty good today. I’m tired but thats because I moved lots of logs yesterday and built some shelving at home. It’s great to feel a sense of achievement. I’m working on figuring out more triggers and warning signs, but when feeling good it’s easy to do those things. It’s harder when things aren’t so good and that’s when working on figuring out the triggers will help I hope! 

I guess it’s all a learning curve though. It’s good to keep improving and gaining more understanding.

Anxious about money again.

I’m up at my usual time today again. I’ve noticed I’m anxious about money. I’m always chasing it. How can I just let go? How can I draw it to me so I don’t have to go after it all the time? I’m not sure. I’m not sure of much again. Tired of the constant chasing of it. Tired of the bad decisions I’ve made that have got me here. Tired of struggle, both mental and physical.  I guess I’ll just keep on going, pushing ahead, dreams laying by the wayside.

Circadian rythyms out

I’m tired, really tired. I think I’ve thrown my body out of sync a little. I need to get my circadian rhythm back on track. I think it got thrown out last weekend. I’ve been going to bed a little later this week too but still got up early. 

I’m noticing more triggers with my moods switches too. I clench my fists and my jaw when I’m getting angry. My thinking drops off too.  When I’m getting hypermanic I play music louder and feel a huge surge in energy. If I sense it early enough I go outside and skip to use isometric energy up. 

I’ve noticed that my diary entries havent been as in depth this last week either. I need to keep an eye on more things too.

Another day

It’s 6:14 am on 28th march 2014. I’ve been up since 5:45 and awake since maybe 5:00 or shortly after. I’m feeling ok, but my right knee hurts from 2 manic sessions at skipping last night. I needed to use some energy up! 

I’ve not got much to say, which makes a change for me. I need to get back to my meditating and my enlightenment. I can find inner peace. I often wonder if I am far more aware than the rest of the population and that’s why I struggle at times with my thoughts, because I can see we need to change as  humans and as individuals. We could love such beautiful lives, rich in the wonders of the world. Free energy is there to be used too. How much could we achieve if we worked together? Look at Findhorn foundation in Scotland or Damanhur in Italy! We can do so much. 

Manic moments

I started to get hyper manic earlier. I could feel the huge energy rising so I went outside to skip. And didn’t I skip! I went ballistic at it. I did maybe 5-10 minutes flat out really fast. My lungs hurt afterwards. I gave it 15-20 minutes and then had to go do it again. It worked a little as it calmed me down a bit. I feared getting really manic but I’m quite settled now. Phew.

feeling awesome again!

I`m starting to feel really good again. My van will be back from the garage very soon. I can`t wait to have it back as its been gone a month. Its affected my work quite a bit. The only worry now is I`m feeling so good I could actually get a little manic, but I must try not too. I`ve noticed I am playing my music loud so I guess thats a trigger to feeling awesome and I am typing really fast.

I love feeling awesome! I am awesome! Hurrah!

Always chasing the future

Am I the only one who’s realising that we constantly chase the future?  Its 6:42 am here and I’ve been up since 5:40 am and awake since 5:15 am. I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out when I will actually have money in my business again, let alone my personal account. Being always owed money is ok as that’s part of being in business I guess, but mentally I struggle with it because as I start to make headway I have more to pay out. Mentally I keep telling myself in 6 months it’ll be better or a year etc etc. I feel like I’m chasing the future and never turkey living properly. How can I get my head back in gear and just be? Is money just a trap to keep us controlled Because money isn’t even backed up by gold anymore let alone real? How can every country be in debt and who are they in debt to? Central banks, that’s who. Central banks are private banks. I’ve figured we never can repay the debts that these central banks create to our countries and our countries then tax us more to try to pay back these false debts. Debts that are created out of thin air not real money or real value. So we also get into personal debt to live in this false debt consumer driven world. Well I need to get off this fake train and go off grid! 

Rant aside I do feel I need to reconnect with my higher nature. To jump off the money train. To get back in tune with nature herself.