Life and time

Life. It’s passing by ever faster.  Last Thursday was the 12th anniversary of my mums death. Dates get to me. It doesn’t matter how prepared I am they always seem to skew things a bit.  The last week or two of been edgy. Today I’ve noticed that I’ve been pretty wired at least for a week. I’ve been waking a few times in the night and the broken sleep has affected me detrimentally.  I’m still in better shape than previous years though. It’s the second Sunday running I’ve had a callout to work due to the storms and I’ve been working at least 2-4 hours on Saturdays so I guess I’ve now worked for 14 days running for at least an hour on both Sundays. I think I’m getting a head cold, I’m usually physically unwell around now too! More vitamin c needing to be taken.

 I’ve  started my growing season off already. I already have chilli seedlings. I need to up my game again this year.