Dark winter

We are heading into a dark winter. This winter will be hard and harsh for so many and it’s all planned. It’s planned to bring us all to our knees. They want to kill off the middle class and go back to having only the elites and surfs. They’re killing the financial markets off, inflation is spiralling out of control (real world inflation not fake cpi), electricity and heating bills are increasing as is food. We are facing a huge global famine too. It’s all by design. It’s a perfect storm to bring untold misery. They’ve planned the takeover for decades, centuries even.  The next step after the financial crash that’s coming will be CBDC’s and they are created to enslave humanity.  There’s no escape from them. They will be programmable and they will have your servitude or you won’t eat.  Think I’m talking rubbish or paranoid? Look into it all yourself. It’s horrifying. I honestly wish I were unwell and that writing this could be blamed  on that but alas, no, I am quite well and quite aware. Get your money out of the banks. Buy gold and silver. Keep cash to hand snd for fucks same fill your cupboards with food. Hell is coming. 

Stuffs going on and getting real


It’s been a while since I posted in here. Lots has happened some I’ll post about separately though. For now however I’d like to share this website. I’ve chatted privately with Gemma and Samantha through Twitter although they maybe don’t know who I am. What I can say is they’re absolute stars and care very much about helping others by talking all things mental health etc. They do a  Twitter spaces most weeks which is also a podcast. Take a look at their website.