Life ahead etcetera

Thankfully Christmas Day is over. It was the last one we will probably spend together as a family. I broke my own rules and had a drink. It was going well until I made a stupid error of judgement and Kara and I ended up arguing. I shouldn’t have drank and shouldn’t have been a fool and messaged someone that I shouldn’t have telling them things that are none of my business. Very early next year I want to get this house sold because we need to live apart now and although mostly we get on ok it is still toxic at times. Both of us have made fuck ups recently and it was in part due to her recent one why I messaged someone yesterday but deleted it almost straight away before they read it. Today won’t be easy but it will pass. Tomorrow I go away alone for a few days which is a good thing. Life has its ups and downs but it will get better for both of us from here onwards.

Seeing as it’s Boxing Day I’d like to wish an absent friend a Happy Birthday. You know who you are.