Sleeping a bit better

Last night I slept much better. I kept myself awake about 15 minutes longer than normal to try to be a bit more tired. It worked. My alarm woke me this morning. I’m usually up 20 minutes before it goes off.  It’s kind of an insurance policy rather than an alarm.  I’m tired tonight already as we did a workout tonight.  It was leg day.  We hit it really hard and used more weight than previously. I was hypomanic a bit today but not an onslaught.  It’s easing off.  It happens this time of the year so I guess it’s par for the course. It’ll soon be my birthday, 19th November, and dates are a fucker for me anyway.  I’m looking forwards to it this year. Maybe I always do but this year I’m more calm and quiet about it.

Life is good. 

Shit etc

I now have 20,800 subscribers. It’s brought a shit load of spam comments though. Over 2,300 comments to go through to check if any aren’t spam….great.

So where am I at? I’ve had moments of hypomania the last few days.  I’ve been waking up 2 or so hours earlier than normal even taking into account the clocks changing last weekend.  Working out is going well. I’m leaning off bodyfat and putting muscle on too and am now holding at about 217 pounds or 15 stone 7 pounds.  I’m tired again so I know I’m growing again.  I’ve added cardio too which has helped my cardiovascular fitness very quickly.  It’s surprising how putting size on reasonably fast can affect me.  Everything is getting bigger.  I love it.  

Working out etc

We’ve been working out for 7 weeks, the first 2 were light weeks, and we’ve both gained strength and size.  We decided to take a week off for recovery and will hit the weights again on Thursday for leg day.  I’d noticed last week my mood was elevating so backing off was the right thing to do.  My sleep was getting less. I noticed I was30-60 minutes later going to sleep some nights and often waking 60-90 minutes earlier. I put this down to the buzz from training but also needing a rest as it can affect the central nervous system.  I can’t just go lightly or gently at it so it’s easier to take time out.  I’m glad I noticed and chatted through with Fynn about it.  He totally agreed about taking time off.  He’s strong but still a growing lad.  It’s also important to keep on top of my mental health, which working out is usually a huge benefit to.  The gains are coming.