And the world has changed

What a very strange world and strange times we are living in.  This will not be over in a matter of weeks.  Here in the UK the Prime Minister has the virus, as do other men Evers of Parliament, but I think he will get very unwell from it.  It’s strange because maybe Tuesday of last week I told a few I thought he had it.  I’m sure I’m wrong but I get a strange feeling he may well die from it.  A few things clicked the other day regarding it.  Who knows.  Anyway we are on partial lockdown and lots of people aren’t working. I am still working because I’m in the building trade.  There’s so many who aren’t taking any precautions here in the UK and are flouting this partial lockdown.  I think within a week we will go on full lockdown.  We should of 3+ weeks ago really.  There will be a lot of deaths.  Infections will keep rising. Once things start to settle and restrictions are lifted a second wave will come.  It’ll be far worse too.  I can see this carrying on at least 18 months.  Once this is over so much will of changed. Lots will never go back to how it was.