Winter blues and working out

I’ve been working out for a few months again now. Fynn and I train together. I love that we do so much together. I wish my dad had of done stuff with me. Looking back I know he was tired but also maybe a bit selfish? It’s hard to know. I guess I wasn’t the easiest of teenage sons. I can’t ask any questions about it all as there’s nobody to answer them. Anyway Fynn and I are off fishing later. We’ve not fished mich lately.  We’ve taken this week off working out too to give our bodies a rest and to grow.  I’m back up to 15 stone now and getting bigger and stronger again. Which brings me to the benefits of working out. Keeping in shape helps me to keep my mind sharp and to hopefully stave off any issues that could crop up with my mind and my mental health.

 As is usual this time of year I’m feeling the start of winter blues. If that’s all it is then I can fight it off but if depression kicks in I’ll have to formulate a new plan. I’ve not worked loads the last 2 weeks as I was due to go in for an operation on the 12th but it got canceled at 3pm the day before. It’s played with my mind and my work a bit as I’d taken 2 weeks off for recovery and have had to try to slot things in pretty quickly at short notice.  Not earning has thrown me a fair bit. Next week I’m back to full days and weeks again until my op which is now booked in for the 23rd of November, a few days after my birthday. It’s made money tight, which also causes issues. I have no option but to just go with it.  So much seems to just happen these days. Sometimes I feel like escaping from it all but I have to just stick with it.  It’ll come right in the end.  It is what it is