Long day..

It’s been a very long day. I’ve been out for 12 1/2 hours today. I’m feeling a bit manic, but at least I’m aware of it. I’m avoiding social media too and I’ve deleted my Facebook account.  I’ve been trying to focus on myself only and on my enlightenment.  

I’m reading ‘The Golden Thread of Time’  which, so far, is a really good book. It’s really interesting how the Celtic cross very possibly was used to measure out for buildings, survey mountains etc and also to navigate the planet.  Well worth a read in my opinion. 

So where am I at? Well I guessing still me and still chipping away at trying to understand myself and my mind. It’s been hard to be really present lately but I’m getting there again so alls good I guess. Much like life. Life is good. Life is beautiful. The more we focus on something the more we bring that into our lives and into ourselves. 

I’ve not been writing in the mornings because I’m leaving the house pretty early.  Work is mad at the moment but it’s getting pretty good now. 

Very tired but good

today I’m really tired, my back aches and my neck hurts too but I’m really good. I’m starting to get on top of where I should be at. I’m still a long way behind and customers are starting to be a bit more patient. I’m still doing at least 11 hours each day and sometimes more. I guess in the end it will be worth it. 

The children are full of energy as it’s the school summer holidays. I’m determined to at least have a long weekend away before their holidays are over. I need it and I want to spend time with them too. 

life is really hectic but really good. I’m still becoming enlightened. 

Monday evening

I’ve been away in London over the weekend. I’ve realised that I need to focus on myself lots more again. I’ve drifted. I need to open up my higher self again. To become who I am. 

London was good fun. I enjoyed it.  I smiled at strangers which is always good fun. Most people are good and smile back.  It was quite strange going away alone. 

I’m feeling very tired today. Probably because of the weekend. I need to recoup some energy. 

I had a brief moment of wishing for death earlier. It passed though. 

Fridays frayed ends of sanity

it’s Friday already. Thank god or gods. I’m glad this week is almost over. I’m shattered. I think I’ve nearly lost my sanity again or the little that’s left. Sometimes I feel I should say even more on here but then I do say a fair bit. Is it wrong when pusses off about something or someone to wish they’d drop dead, literally. Sometimes I wish some people would. Other times I fantasise about hurting people or beating them up. Usually it passes pretty quickly though. Not always though. Maybe they do need beating and that my thoughts are fair enough. Maybe they ought to get told how they irritate me and I should tell them where they’re lacking or where they’re wrong.  I know I’m not perfect but I’m not human. I’m inhabiting a human body for now but after bodily death I will return home to Sirius. I’ve visited whilst in this life but obviously not in this body. I have free reign to go there whenever now I know the way back there. 

Life is pretty cool. I’m superb. I’m awesome. 


I’ve been wondering lately how much someone who doesn’t have  a ‘mental illness’ really understands how it feels. I’ve chatted recently with someone who says they do understand but I’m not so sure. How much do I understand about a normal mind and how it works?  

I think I’ve avoided writing too much lately because of stress. I’ve got some stress at work and I have to be very careful how I deal with a situation. I certainly don’t want repercussions although maybe I’m overly paranoid about it.  I might look to get some outside advice from a retired solicitor that I know. I’ve taken advice from ACAS.  Either way the situation needs to be dealt with swiftly.  I can’t allow more stress to build up. 

Another busy day ahead

Today will be yet another long busy day. I’m hoping to get away tomorrow to London. I need to unwind a little tonight though. I’m feeling normal ish. Let’s get today done and take it from there. 

Feeling a little stressed

I’m feeling a little stressed this morning. I have to have a meeting with someone and out some points across and deal with a situation. It’s unavoidable.  That’s life. 

I also need to call a customer about money that’s owed today. I need to call another customer to arrange to get a key for a job as well and get that job started and finished ASAP. It’s getting a bit stressful to say the least. I’ll survive. I always do.