Facebook thoughts

This is a copy and paste from my Facebook. It’s not an attack but I see worrying signs.

Greta Thunberg and the Climate Change movement that follow her every word are becoming a huge cult. Nobody must speak out against her or question her mental health or you get told you’re bashing a child, you’ll get told she’s more grown up than most adults (talk about a contradictions of terms), you’ll get told to go kill yourself, told you’re jealous of her success, told you know nothing and are worthless, told not to bring up her anxiety, depression or her eating disorder and most certainly mustn’t suggest she’s in the early stages of a mental breakdown. She’s 16. She is still a child however intelligent she is. She’s still not an adult yet.
Whether you believe or disbelieve in climate change is not the point. The point is this is a child who from what I, and others, can see is getting mentally unwell. If/when she cracks I hope she gets help and I also hope that her cult followers and parents etc DON’T blame others outside of themselves. The blame WILL lie at their feet fully because they’re encouraging and pushing her knowingly or unknowingly.

As someone with a mental illness who has had ‘mental breakdowns’ I can see the warning signs. If this were me living so obsessed and consumed by one thing I would probably end up under the mental health team at the least but possibly sectioned. Dress it up however you like but the facts are the facts.

Spam comments…

Seriously pissed off that so many spam comments are being posted.  If anyone has actually written a real comment it’ll take ages to find now as there are over 1200 spam comments to go through and check. Bugger.  



Mentally I’m good. I’m back in good shape and working out hard.  I’m putting some size back on. Getting stronger again. Regaining strength that I had years ago.  I wish I didn’t give up on so many things in my life but there’s only so much I can do I guess.  The only thing I can do is keep pushing forwards and keep doing stuff.  I’m now at a stage where I’m considering coming off the small amount of meds that I’m on.  I’ll ponder on it some more before deciding.  I’m in no hurry that’s for sure.  Physically I have had some kidney pain in my right kidney.  I put this down to falling down some stairs.  I also noticed a strange pain in my head last night on the right side.  I’ll keep an eye on it.  

A good tired

I’m pretty tired today but I know why.  I’m on week 3 of being back working out.  Already I’m putting muscle back on and I’m getting string fast again.  That’s a big reason why. Also Fynn and I are watching ‘Lecter’  on Netflix. It’s very good. I’m not sure how accurate their portrayal of psychopathy is but it’s made me question a few people I know regarding it and other mh issues.  I’d guess 1 is at least a narcissistic sociopath.  I’ve seen it first hand in the way they’ve conducted themselves.  I’ve wondered if I’m a psychopath but I feel things deeply so I guess that rules me out.  Sometimes I feel too much.  I guess it goes with the territory with Bipolar.  I’m less angry these days too.  In fact I’m pretty happy again in life.  It takes a lot to stay close to it but I do try my hardest.  It’s not always easy for those around me that’s for sure. I even wrote my daughter a letter the other day to tell her a few things.  It’s amazing how fast kids start to become adults.  I sat on the sofa beside Fynn earlier and took in how big he’s got.  I remember the little 2 year old who I used to pick up and carry.  Life goes fast.  Live it.