Divide and conquer

We are living in the strangest times I have ever known.  I am the most mentally well I have been for a long while, slight dips but nothing unusual.  There’s far more going on than a virus. 2019 is a memory. Things are not intended to back to how they were then. It’s all a ‘new normal’ which is far from normal and has been planned for a long while. Articles and files have been written explaining it fir decades. Books too. They always tell you what they’re going to do. Depopulation is happening too. They want us fighting amongst each other and divided.  It’s how they win. It’s how they always push their twisted agendas through.  There’s more ‘vaccinations’ coming along with vaccine passports. Movements will be restricted more and more. If you’re double jabbed soon you’ll need a third shot or you’ll be classed as unvaccinated, look at Israel. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Soon you’ll need the jabs to keep your immunity ok because you’ll be dependant on it as your immune system is shot to pieces. Experts have been silenced for speaking out but they still keep trying to warn of the dangers.  Soon people will look down on the unvaccinated as dirty. They’ll have to wear a badge or sticker when going into medical facilities, some are already refusing to treat non vaccinated in some countries.  How far down this road will you have to be before you see the global tyranny for what it is? It’s coordinated. Governments and leaders around the world are using the same catch phrases and buzzwords. Why? They’re hypnotising the masses. They’re brainwashing people through mass hypnosis. Just wait until they set up the ‘treatment camps’ for those refusing to go along with it all….