Life is good

Life is good.  Ive found focus again. Where we let our thoughts go to is where our life heads. If we think everything is wrong in the world our lives start to feel wrong. If we see the good in the world life becomes good. Each time I get a bad though, which can be often, I register it and then try to find something good to focus on.  It’s a fine line between thinking it’s best not to give a fuck and thinking it’s good to give a good fuck.  I’m taking control again and it’s amazing to see synchronicity peeping at me again. Talking with people and realising we share almost the same thinking and about to say the exact same words tells me on back on the good path although it’s ever winding. There’s a lot of shot going on in the world and it shouldn’t be ignored but it also shouldn’t be all one gives time to.  We can only ever change ourselves and our thinking first before we look to change other things. I’m finding now I’m feeling good life seems better and I’m getting along with others better too.  Spring helps too. I often wonder if I’ll make it through winter but each winter is easier.  I’ve found a like minded friend in America who I chat too about life and investing and they’re an enormous help. We run things past each other and now my thinking is more on track I’m noticing nee investment opportunities too which hopefully help my friends too.  Since investing more money and time into creating a brighter future I’ve noticed my future and my now seem brighter.  It amazes me how life hasn’t gotten harder because of investing so much, in fact it’s all good, and I’m amazed at how much I now have invested. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks!  Life is good.