Life is life

What a crazy world is out there. My life has changed a lot yet is still the same in many ways. I’m now pushing to better myself and my life a lot. I’m working 6-7 days a week. I’m pushing ahead. I’m now eating a mostly carnivore diet and it’s transformed so many things. I’ve dropped 2”+ off my waist. I no longer have bloating or wind due to dropping carbs and sugars. It’s great. I have more energy again. I’m still meds free. I’m still working out and keeping a strict lifestyle/regime. I’m now taking cold showers early every day too instead of hot. It’s all good. My mental health has been pretty fucking good too! Life is good. What’s interesting is how people or things from the past have popped up but that’s good too. I guess life is a circle and people come and go then often come back again. It’s all good.