Drink and my mental health

Fridau night, and again Sunday night, I had a couple of glasses of wine. It felt good to be able to.  I thought on Sunday that it hadn’t affected me so that’s why I had some more.  Yesterday it crept up on me though.  I felt very tired, there’s a few reasons for this which I’ll get into, but I also felt my mood lowering.  I can’t drink alcohol without some payback a few days later. It really is that simple.  Luckily for me I knew what had caused the drop off. Some of the tiredness is down to working out again.  I’m now on my second week of working out since before my operation. My body is responding quite fast, it was about 3 months off, and has already started changing and building muscle.  Once again I’m dropping some weight but getting bigger due to body fat loss.  Initially the tiredness can affect my mood, lowering it slightly, until my body responds better and it lifts more.  Another thing that has played on my mind is the death of Keith Flint.  Such a shock.  Very saddening.  It shows up yet again that wealth and fame don’t make you immune from mental pain and torture.  I really feel for his family.  All of these small things connect like a spiders web for me and build a slightly bigger picture.  So I’ve been having early nights and it’s helping.   I’m feeling ok and I know it will pass pretty fast.

 Last weekend I got an unofficial PB up the casting field and that made me feel good.  Things do try to balance out.  

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