Reflecting on life

I’m in a reflective mood. I’m thinking about friends and family here, gone and out of contact.  Life moves forwards but does it change? When people aren’t in touch anymore it’s all we can do I guess. Does life change? Really? Do we kid ourselves in life? Are we still just children but in adult body’s? Do we make or break contact? Do we move forwards? Is there truly a forwards?  Maybe I’m just reflective.  

 I’m pushing hard to get ahead yet still behind. Money comes in and goes out.  I payed the web hosting on my credit card as I couldn’t loose all that I’ve written in here over the years. One day I’ll go back to the start and read through. All I can do is keep going.

  I’m missing contact with some friends but life is life.  I’m never sure if I should see how they’re doing or not.  Maybe it’d be unwelcome.   Life. 

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