Samhain already

It’s already Samhain. Where has the year gone! I’ve had a busy year so far. A pretty crazy year. Time to remember the dead. The older I get the more people there are to remember. Both parents and a step parent as well as grandparents and friends and family. The list will always grow until it’s my turn to go through the veil and not one back. I’ve felt like doing that a few times. Even this year.  Hmmmm.    

So here I am again back writing my thoughts down. I’ve had two late nights or I guess that should be early mornings. I’ve eaten lots of sugary things to perk myself up. Maybe that should be prop myself up. I’m hoping to knock things on the head but I have noticed things again.  Body heat. Ears ringing. On Facebook too much. Not reading or meditating or not feeling able to. A huge surge in drive and enthusiasm. My mood has lifted a lot but it might be teetering on a crash too. It’s an edgy mood.  I’m physically tired but still quite wired. I won’t work much today. After work I will collect horse manure but that might be all I do….who knows.  I should try to sleep it off that’s for sure. 

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