Black dog…?

I fear the black dog is slowly creeping its way into my life again. I’m finding myself slipping into old thought patterns and I’m noticing that I’m getting very tired again. I’m on facebook lots again and I’m getting too caught up in the affairs of the world. The sooner we get off grid the better. Self sufficiency is the best way forwards and I think more and more are realising this.  I see that the westernised, bastardised even, way of life isn’t natural.  Its killing the earth where we live and we all blindly think that science will save us. The division between us and the earth grows ever greater and science divorces us from the real earth and from reality. Often we get too caught up in bills, debt and money. The funny thing is that they’re all creations of man and aren’t actually real. They aren’t part of life. No other species on this earth has to pay money and give up hours of its life each week to do so. All other creatures of the earth live. Seas humans are barely existing and we replace the true joy of life with quick consumerism and the false satisfactions thereof. We as a species are foolish. We kill that which we need to be able to survive. What fools we really are. 

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