Monday anxiety

It’s Monday again. Yet again I’m anxious. Since last Wednesday or Thursday my sleep has been poor and apart from yesterday I have been up early. Ive been going to sleep well after 1am. Sometimes it’s nearly 2am. I think work is partly to blame. Ive lots to get done before Xmas. one job I’m due to start has more work which they want me to do straight away after the original job. I think I am going to talk with them and say I can’t do it until after Xmas now. It’s possible that it could be done but it will be extremly right to do it time wise and I don’t want the stress.

  I need to unwind myself and relax again. Ive been flat out all weekend. It’s been great to get things done but I do need to take stock of life. It’s no good spreading myself so thinly. I’ll end up seriously unwell again. I already fear I’m heading that way now. I hope I can avoid it. I need to keep the good level I have gotten to. To keep the flow going so well.

  I’m finding I’m on facebook a lot again and need to retreat back from there too. It’s too easy to get caught up in trying to help others. 

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