Kicking my own arse

I’m having to kick my own arse this morning as I’m worn out. So far the cycling has slowed down though. Hopefully it’ll level right off. Although I do have to pop along to a job later today which ive been waiting to finish since May. A job where I was put under severe pressure and the person wouldn’t leave us alone to get on. Ive decided if I get too much hassle I’ll walk away even though I’m owed close to £3,000.  I won’t be pressured or dressed by them. I will say I’m terminating the contract and Bill up to date. Maybe it’ll be ok though and I’m openminded about it. I know they have their own issues going on. Having said that it’s no excuse to put such pressure on me especially knowing I have bipolar. Even the other trades had had enough of it too. Anyway that’s that.  

I’m still trying to win my own battles. I think I need to fuck facebook off for a bit again today. Ive managed to keep myself off a group on there as it can trigger me at the minute as much as I trigger myself. I need a holiday. Countless people say ‘oh well have one then’. They’ve no idea. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. If I don’t get paid I can’t pay our bills. It’s that simple. Idiots. Often told by those not working too. 

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