Is mental illness real?

I phoned the GP yesterday. She did call back twice but couldn’t hear me and we got cut off. She didn’t call again. I ended up phoning MIND and chatted with the bloke I origibally talked too a couple of weeks ago. He said I could call back if needed. He suggested callin 111 to get an emergent appointment with a gp in the city. I said about A & E as well and he said yes either. I got home, are and went to bed. Had I of felt unwell enough to need either of those I wiukd if had to Id driven myself there as my wife had been drinking wine.  

So am I really unwell? Am I just indulging in allowing my thoughts to run away with me? Maybe I need to work on strengthening my mind and resolve. Maybe ive just become a bit mentally weaker now? Possibly. I don’t know. I need to think about it. I ought to meditate again too. Lots I need to revert too. My diet is good. Ive not been to the allotment since Saturday so must go there today. I eat well. I need to exercise again too. I’m getting older. That’s life I guess. Fragmentation of the ego perhaps and the awakening of the soul. Maybe. 

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