Life and realisations

I’ve realised how much work takes its toll on me. I’m feeling very relaxed today and have spent a fair amount of today outside with my son doing some black smithing and forging. He’s almost 11 and wants to be a blacksmith when older. I’d love for him to choose something like that, something he’s passionate about. Life is good and if we have passion for the things we do then life is rich. He loves it and he’s very careful with the heat and fire.  

Today is New Years eve and lots of people plan resolutions. I’m not planning any. I’ve realised that if and when I decide to change things then I will. I’ll do it when I’m ready and when I know the time is right and that I won’t fail, although failure isn’t always failure in the end. Anyway I’ll continue going my way as always.  

I’ve been feeling pretty good for a while now and that in itself is fantastic. Long may it last. If or when my mood changes I’ll try dealing with it then. I’ll not tie myself in knots trying to preempt it. 

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