Awake early

I woke up pretty early this morning but stayed in bed. I’m not sure why I didn’t just get up but I didnt. I’m anxious again this morning and I’m not sure why. I’m a little tense, although watching the kittens play is quite calming. I’m not sure if I said that we have kittens, well my children got kittens while I was on retreat. They’ve grown lots.    

Yesterday was a good day at work in the end. We were supposed to get into a room to decorate at 9 but it was still full of furniture so by the time it was emptied it was almost 10:40. Anyway I got stuck in and it’s almost decorated now. There’s maybe an hour and a half in there to get it finished.

   I’ve realised I’m very tense. Too tense. I must relax.    

Just a thought by why is it that so many people are lazy and not very proactive? They want everything but want it given to them instead of going out and getting it. Whatever happened to being active?  I know not everybody has the same wants in life but some people need a wake up call. I’ve just remembered a few things and it’s got me thinking. I have to write out a game plan for my year ahead and the next 3 years. Tomorrow I’ll have a short day and will do pricing and lots of organising of things starting with my mortgage getting changed over to a better rate. I emailed my accountant last night querying the fees I’m charged. It’s the first time I’ve say and had a good look through but I’m charged close to £3,000 per year including VAT and for most of last year there were only 2 of us. I’m going to look into every penny I spend and find ways to save money so that I can invest instead of just spending. Right, I’ve plans to make real and to put down on paper. No more struggling. 

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