It’ll be one of those days

I’m not at work yet. I’m going to look at another van soon and I’ve got to get some work done afterwards. It’s going to be a busy day of not getting much done. I’m hoping the other van is a decent van because I need to get work rolling along again.

  I’m a little anxious now but wasn’t earlier. I’m not putting pressure on myself to get loads done today. It will be a day of doing what I do and that’s that.  

 I’m still feeling like this is going to be a good year ahead. I’m not sure why I’m limiting or restricting it into a time frame. What’s one day or week from another really? Or a year from another? What silly false constructs we have of time. I mean why do we live by a clock and by time? I know it’s good to keep circadian rhythms but do we really need a clock to live by? It’s like we are governed by something that cannot be questioned. Maybe that’s why we’ve grown so used to living by the clock, by hours and minutes and seconds. Maybe because it can’t be questioned. Why also is it always 6’s in everything?   666 the mark of the beast. 60 seconds. 60 minutes. 6 days to create the world biblically. 6 million dead in ‘the holocaust’.  We need to question everything. Anyway why do we have to fit life into certain little snippets of time. It’s completely crazy. Maybe that’s what keeps us under control. Maybe there’s a higher truth in living by our bodies needs rather than sleeping because it ‘x’ time or eating or working because of ‘x’.  Maybe I’m rambling but to me the world is crazy as fuck.  That’s something else that’s crazy. I’ve avoided writing swear words on this blog but it’s only my own thoughts for myself so why not? Ah fuck it. Why are some words considered wrong yet others are ok? I mean we can’t normaly say fuck or cunt etc because it’s considered wrong by ‘society’ yet we can quite happily go and bomb other countries or talk about murder, death, destruction, war, rape, massacres evil and any number of horrific things. There have been several programs on tv, I don’t watch tv very often, which have either been about paedophilia or featured it lately. Yet using words that are considered swearing are wrong ! Fuck means to have sexual intercourse. Cunt means a vagina. Bollocks means testicles etc etc and these words are wrong in the eyes of ‘society’ but yet it’s acceptable to bomb other countries and show it any hour of the day. It’s ok to show murder, death and destruction on the news etc at any hour but mention a swear word…oh that’s terrible…watch the complaints come in from the good citizens who happily say ‘bomb them’ or ‘well we have to do something’. Jesus what a strange strange world we live in! 

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