Thoughts and feelings

I felt quite anxious last night. I stayed up a little and watched QI on tv but fell asleep before it ended. My wife was already in bed after having drunk a bottle of wine. That’s why I’d got anxious. Sometimes when she’s drinking she gets passive aggressive and can get cross or short tempered, usually shirt tempered with our daughter because she can be tricky going to bed and sleep. I’m going to talk with her today about things. I think it’s best that if she wants to have a drink that she leaves it until later in the evening. Sometimes she’s finished the bottle before 7 or 7:30. Last night it was gone before 7:45. It worries me. She sees it as ok. I know she feels she needs to unwind but sometimes how she gets upsets me but I usually keep it inside. Anyway I need to talk with her about it because often she doesn’t remember things the next day.  She treats our son better than our daughter and I know our daughter handles things better but I fear how it might affect their relationship when shes older. Maybe I think about it all too much.  

 I’m helping a bloke I know to put up a couple of tv aerials today. It sounds pretty windy out there and it rained hard last night so I’m not sure what we will do or get done. From next Saturday onwards I’m going to start working at least the morning because I’ve got so much work on and also I need to build up funds in my business so that I can take some time off this year. The last couple of years I’ve hardly had any time off or any spare money either. So later today I’m going to work out what I need to earn each month to be able to live comfortably and pay my bills plus save money too and work out how much I’d like to save so I can start to invest. I’d like to buy a second house to rent out. My wife is very cautious about it but I’ll research it well first, plus I don’t have any money to invest yet anyway. I’m going to start being more pro active. I need to take back control of my life. 

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