Tuesday already!

It’s already Tuesday and I didn’t write yesterday, naughty me. Yesterday I felt good when I got up and had no anxiety and it was supposed to be black Monday yesterday too! I’m feeling good again this morning too. Maybe it’s because I’ve started working out again. That always helps because it releases endorphins.  

I was really hungry and tired yesterday because I worked outside in the cold. It takes quite a few calories to keep my body working hard and heated on a cold day. I slept well too.

 I’m still having drumming lessons and I’m finding it really good because it exercises my mind and body and its learning something new which is always good. I’m learning quite fast, well I think I am anyway. I’m not sure where it’ll lead me but its teaching me quite a bit about life too. I used to fear making mistakes but in my lessons I’m happy to cock it up sometimes because it makes what I’ve learnt so far sink in more and it keeps my ego in check too. That’s always good!  

Like I said Ive started working out a bit again too. I love the feeling in my mind and body after working out and the strength gains too. I’m trying to keep myself inspired and keep my mind on this good level too. I know I can get obsessive but I’ll keep that in check a little.    

Hopefully I will get my new van today or tomorrow!  All in all things are going ok. 

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