Awake early…

I’ve been awake for quite a while and my son and I got up at 6 am. I’m not sure how long I’d been awake but I checked the time just before 5:50. I’d layed there thinking about alsorts of things but mainly work.! I’m not sure if I’m a little anxious too but it’s passing. I probably was anxious and that’s what woke me early. I’ve been tired too and went to sleep maybe 20-25 minutes early last night so it could be that too. So many things lol!  

My son woke early with a stomach ache and he said he had one last night when he went to bed. I hope he’s not coming down with anything, his sister was awake really early a couple of days ago too. I’ll know something is up if my wife wakes really early and gets up one of these mornings!  

I spent some time on Facebook yesterday again and even put a few posts on there. I’ll need to watch that as it’s such a distraction and can, at times, be seen as a trigger although I don’t think it is yet so my aim is to monitor myself today and try to stay off it. I might just need to check with a friend for an email address though although I think I can find it. Anyway I guess I find it over stimulating at times but also quite dull mostly or at other times. Maybe there’s a clue there for me. If I don’t find it stimulating then maybe I actualy make it stimulating and cause my own self to create a mental situation. Lots to think about. Maybe Facebook really is the experiment in social engineering that I believe it is. They have admitted that they’ve tweaked people’s timelines to gauge how it affects people.  They certainly sell or allow other websites etc access to information. I’ve found if I do an online search for something then when on Facebook I get groups etc pop up related to my searches and vice versa. Very naughty indeed and very invasive. So much so I won’t have the Facebook app or their messenger app on my phone. I use a safari search and go in the old way.  Call me paranoid but I’ve seen how invasive they are and how invasive their terms and conditions are. They want one to agree to allow them access to the photos and camera on ones phone! Sod that. I’ve heard they can turn your camera on at any time remotely. As can any of the American or British spying departments like MI5/6 CIA and NSA etc.  Nosey sods.  Too invasive if you ask me.  

   I surprise myself with writing this blog because often the biggest or longest posts get written on days when I feel I’ve got nothing to say.  Maybe I just write a load of bollocks or crap and think I’m doing a lovely super duper job. Blimey I can’t remember the last time I heard ‘super duper’ used. Maybe I’ll start using it slyly in conversation and resurrect it.  

I don’t think I’m anxious now as I’ve just made myself laugh inside thinking about ‘super duper’.   

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