Thank crunchie it’s friday

It’s Friday already and I’m feeling good. I did a workout yesterday after work and loved it, although it was chilly because my weights are outside. Feeling good makes me feel good.  

I’ve got a good day ahead and will do as much as I can but not push myself too much. Also I’m doing the school run both ways today so will finish a little early today because there’s a fault on our car and it won’t start. I’ve got a mechanic coming to look at it later today and he can figure out what needs doing to fix it.  

 I’ve been giving a little thought to my own mental health and I’ve realised I’m not in a bad place right now. I’m concious of some slightly racing thoughts for the last few days but the more I understand myself the more I relax about these things. I’ve struggled with meditation the last 2 weeks but I know it’ll come back when needed or ready. The same with reading. I’ve not really read any books for most of January, certainly not the last 2 weeks but it’ll come back. A year ago I’d of been pushing myself to meditate and read and I’d be getting frustrated and adding to the issue. Now I just think ‘it’ll be alright, it’ll come back’ and it does.  Also I know that it’s coming up to the anniversary of my mums death and I usualy get unwell around that time, physically unwell. I’m prepared for that if it happens but I’m also not placing undue stress upon myself. If I’m  ill then I’m ill. If I’m not then even better. It’s about illuminating self created stress and most stress is self created or certainly can be. Maybe if one is bullied in any situation it’s slightly different but one can change that too with enough courage. Anything can be changed and it can be made to be alright even if it feels overwhelming at times. I guess it’s just a case of having someone to help support you and also trusting that things will get better. 

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