Sunday morning, easy.

I’ve not got much to write today. Well not yet anyway. I’ve deleted my facebook yet again. It’s for the best. It’s funny how I’d gotten hooked again after only a week and a bit. After deactivating it had to think of what to do. How mad is that I had been on so much that I had to try to think of things to do. I’ll bet facebook etc are the cause of lots of relationship problems. I know I’ve wasted too much time on there. Quite often my wife and I hardly talk because of it. She also goes on there too. It’s sad when you’re sat in the same room or house but communicate in part by social media. I’d realised it had gotten out of hand when I found something funny but laughed internally not externally. We will all end up mindless clones. Maybe it’s taking over our minds already. Maybe in a few years there will be groups called things like ‘facebook anonymous’ and there will be clinics to help the withdrawal symptoms and depression or vacuum left by social media cold turkey. I’d say it’s become an epidemic of huge proportions. A huge addiction. Maybe I should log back in to Facebook to post about it all haha. I think not. 

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