Does life become clearer?

Are we all out for ourselves at heart really? What is the greater good?  I’m back to questioning life again. I always come back to it. What really drives us as humans? I think mostly it’s greed. Even if we don’t think it is. I’m working away so that one day I can retire and so that I have things to leave my kids. Surely that’s greed. It’s always justified by doing the right thing for my family but at its heart its just greed really. Often it’s ego too. I’m pretty driven by ego. We all are. It’s too crazy and it’s too much. Profits too. Always driven by profits. How utterly foolish is that. This world needs a huge kick up the pants. We should be mapping out inner and outer universes but I stead we are driven by greed and profits.  It’s sad. Oh well I guess it’s part of being on this ride. Well until it’s time to jump off. My heart isn’t fed properly by all of this. Not by a long shot. It’s not even a snack.  

Well today is Tuesday once again. Another day of work. I need to regroup my focus because I have plans but the sad thing is that the plans I have are driven by money. What I mean is that I need money to make them work. I need to keep my focus. I’m still yet to draw out my plans properly into bite size pieces. That’s something I must get on with. 

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