Today can eff off

Today has been a day to forget. My ears are ringing, my head is spaced out and spinning, my body is tense and warmer than usual too. I’ve been high and may go higher. This could be just the start. I’ve posted and commented on Facebook lots and can’t even remember most of it. I’ve forgotten most of today and my brain is fuzzy. It’s not good. Yesterday my wife said our code word. I took heed of it but my disturbed sleep is catching me up fast. It’s not good. I’m shattered. I grabbed a  10 minute snooze today but should of crashed out fully. I’m all over the place. My wife came home to washing up that wasn’t done and cooked dinner. The kids have been even trickier than normal or it seems like it to me. I’ve just had a massive struggle/fight to get my son to have a shower and hair wash. He then got cross about brushing his teeth. My daughter spat her dummy so to speak about the lovely roast my wife had cooked. She got cross because they had chicken, I’m still veggie, and she didn’t want it. There were sausages that she could have but she had blown up big time by then and did t take that offer onboard. At one point I was almost physically shaking. I know my wife reads this usually. So I’d like to thank her for being so patient with everything and so understanding xx.   So it’s a day that can fuck right off. 

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