Oh right almost normal..?

I’ve been high. Very high. A tricky high. I’ve been on facebook and I shared posts that I can’t even remember sharing until people commented etc. shocking. It’s shocking. I’m hoping I’m almost back to normal but I can’t be fully sure just yet. I’m tired and worn out. It’s stressed me. I wish I could retire from work fully and be a hermit. I could cope with that a treat. It’d be perfect. Maybe. Maybe not though. Maybe I’d still get tricky as fuck. I’m almost sure I would. The dream of it seems good though. Shutting myself away from outsiders and outside stress. One day I will do it to see how it is. I have done the 5 day solitary retreat. I’d still have my family so that’d be nice. Anyway I just hope I calm down properly if I’m still high.

I say if because often I feel like I’m back to normal but the reality is that I’ve just used got used to being high though. 

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